Nimans Heads Back to Class

School children have been given a taste of the world of work as part of a charity partnership with comms distributor Nimans.

Nine pupils from Springwood Primary School in Swinton were treated to a guided tour of Nimans’ Manchester headquarters and spent time in various departments gaining an insight into how the Group operates.

The children, aged 10 and 11, enjoyed a presentation about working at Nimans and the many different types of careers on offer. They were given a demonstration of how a phone system and two-way radios work. The pupils then demonstrated their skills as phone operators as they rang each other up playing out a customer and sales scenario. Two separate groups then embarked on a guided tour of the premises, keeping in touch via two-way radio.

They observed all aspects of the business including sales, purchasing and IT. Wearing high visibility jackets they particularly enjoyed watching the order processing system in the warehouse and discovering how The Nycomm Group distributes nationwide. The children were provided with lunch and each left with a special goodie bag, including two-way radios. Raffle prizes were also presented according to Event organiser Sue Goldfine from Nimans.

She noted: “We thought it would be an interesting and informative experience for the children to visit a large company and give them an insight into the world of work. It also gave our staff the chance to meet the young people, who were very enthusiastic and keen to discover more.”

School teacher Collette Gibbons said the visit was a huge success: “The pupils absolutely loved it. They don’t normally get the chance to go behind the scenes of a business and learn about what goes on. It was a very worthwhile and rewarding experience. The staff at Nimans were very friendly and welcoming.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine