Nimans highlights sustainable headset from JPL

A new ‘sustainable’ Bluetooth headset has been launched which is earning praise from supply specialist Nimans – as it significantly reduces the cost of ownership.

The JPL-Element-BT500 is a wireless and modular Bluetooth headset for use with compatible devices especially in the office. With a patented interchangeable headband from dual ear to singe ear there’s choice of wearing styles to suit the way people work.

“Where mobile devices replace traditional office deskphones, users need a comfortable and ergonomic solution particularly when spending long hours on the phone,” says Jason Welsh, UC Devices Business Manager at Nimans.

“The BT500 is part of JPL’s Element range that offers a sustainable headset concept. Because of its modular design, if a speaker/microphone or headband breaks outside of warranty, users only need to replace half of the headset (one part), which means a longer life for the headset and a cost saving because they do not need to replace the complete headset. Cost of ownership is reduced – why change the whole headset when changing half is the solution!”

Jason says the stylish device is built for comfortable all day wearing. It boasts a Surround Shield noise cancelling microphone, Sound Shield acoustic shock protection – combined with upto a 30m (100ft) working range, 20 hours talk time (stand by, 96 hours) and a quick recharge time of 2.5 hours.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine