Nimans hosts Unify masterclass

Nimans recently treated its resellers to a Unify technical ‘masterclass’ as they gathered to gain valuable insight into the manufacturer’s roadmap and latest technology developments.

Hosted at the Oxford Belfry Hotel, the full day technical partner conference attracted high profile Unify representatives who flew in from across Europe – as well as over 40 engineers and technical heads from the UK’s Unify partner community.

Staged for the fourth year running, the initiative was the brainchild of Nimans’ Unify Solutions Manager Jed Brewis. The event provided engineers, technical managers and technical directors with a comprehensive overview of the latest plans from both Unify and Nimans – bringing sales and operations divisions together in a compelling connection.

In addition outstanding contribution awards were presented to:

Solution Development (NIX Group)
In recognition of a consistent high quality influence to solution improvement and development through excellent customer and technical feedback from the team.

Solution Deployment (Tetcom)
In recognition of the delivery of proactive initiatives ensuring a consistent high quality of solution deployment to customers whilst enabling growth and product scope.

Solution Excellence (Datasharp UK)
In recognition of the long term dedication to improving channel solution deployment quality by consistently sharing a high level of experience and expertise through community collaboration and support.

“The main objective was to provide a unique opportunity for our resellers to interface directly with high-level professionals from both Unify and Nimans as part of a compelling, engaging and evolving community,” said Jed.

“The event provided a high profile platform for constructive and proactive engagement with key members of our allied Unify Solutions Team and Solutions community. Attendees took advantage of a unique opportunity to learn about the latest products, solutions, support developments and contribute to future enhancements.”

He emphasised: “This has become a must attend event and a real highlight for resellers as it sets them up for next year for further success.”

Jed concluded: “For us it’s all about our resellers knowing what’s happening and when first, so that they can steal a march on the competition and gain a competitive advantage.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine