Nimans Inspires SIP Revolution

The future proof flexibility of SIP connectivity is helping inspire a new generation of sales techniques, according to distributor Nimans who say a ‘game changer’ is on the horizon.

“If you look at the way people used to sell compared to how they should be winning business, SIP inspires a ‘strategic sales strategy’ based on fully understanding how technology can address the needs of your customers,” explained Head of Network Services, Mark Curtis-Wood.

“The original concept was cost-based selling followed by solution selling,” as Curtis-Wood continued: “The next level is proper strategic selling which is embedding yourself into the strategic development of a company and SIP allows you to do that. Conveying a message of complete integration into a company’s strategic environment is a game changer for most resellers.”

Nimans recently launched its own SIP Trunk service and demand is growing on a daily basis, in line with market predictions that SIP will overtake ISDN in the next two years.

Curtis-Wood concluded: “If you sit down with the board of a customer and say you can save them 20% on call charges the FD probably won’t be blown away, citing how he’s got contracts in place and likes the firm he’s using. But if you sit down and say you want to show them how technology can assist the strategic development of their company in the next 3-5 years, it’s a completely different story. It’s about understanding where they are going, what markets they’re into and developing, and who they want to sell to. It’s also important to identify why and how they want to sell and who they want to integrate with in terms of suppliers and partners. Technology such as SIP will help enable all of that. It’s a completely different conversation to getting 20% off call charges.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine