Nimans Launches Leasing Masterclass

Nimans has announced a set of nationwide leasing masterclasses to help resellers capture more business by cashing-in on new sales opportunities.

The company says that with the continued economic woes, leasing has emerged as a highly effective alternative to cash investments and more prudent levels of credit. Now Nimans is launching learning workshops in the north and south of England to provide resellers with a competitive market advantage to substantially increase closure rates.

Based on a theme of ‘solution selling made simple’ resellers will learn about the skills to succeed in a financial environment with senior level decision-makers – highlighting return on investment and tax benefits for example.

Nimans’ Financial Services Manager, Gail Fitton, confirmed: “We recognise that selling leasing is a very different skill-set to merely promoting what a particular type of technology can do. Very often you are speaking to more senior staff and need to provide a compelling argument about how a financial deal will generate the highest returns on investment. You will also need the confidence and knowledge to highlight the potential tax advantages of a flexible finance solution.”

Gail emphasised: “The fundamental aim of these workshops is to increase closure rates and provide resellers with a winning edge over their competition. The last thing a dealer wants is to invest a lot of time and effort in convincing a customer to upgrade their telecoms equipment, only for the deal to turn sour due to financial reasons. At Nimans we have a proven fast-track route to success based on very high acceptance rates of around 82%”

How to prospect more effectively and how to increase profit and sales value are some of the many topics covered. The initiative kicks-off on January 11th in Manchester and then heads to London two days later. The fee for each workshop is just £160 and as each day-long session has limited places, resellers are being urged to book early.

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