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Nimans Partners With Revolabs

The Revolabs FLX is available with either a VoIP or analogue phone interface. With plug and play set-up, it can also serve as an audio interface with virtually any major brand of video conferencing equipment, providing the same high-end audio performance within video calls. Integrated Bluetooth technology provides a single collaboration device whatever communication channel is used, allowing users to connect the speaker and microphones to their Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

“This partnership significantly enhances our audio conferencing offering and fills a gap in our portfolio,” said Nimans’ Head of Conferencing Sales, Ian Brindle. “Wireless VoIP conferencing, wireless desktop conferencing, wearable microphones and the ability to interface with video conferencing technology make the FLX system a very impressive and flexible all-round solution.”

Russell Harpham (EMEA Sales at Revolabs) says working with Nimans provides the company with a powerful platform for further market growth.

“We were looking for new ways to penetrate the telephony and Data VAR markets and feel Nimans gives us the best exposure and reach. Equally our products sit well within their portfolio so this partnership seems a natural fit with benefits to all parties.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine
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