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Nimans re-brands Network Services to Beyond Connectivity

A new name is entering the network communications arena, to provide resellers with a real opportunity for growth – based on much more than traditional connectivity.

‘Beyond Connectivity’ is an exciting new rebrand of Nimans Network Services – and is ‘going further’ to make connectivity simpler.

“We are thinking beyond today by offering next generation services based on our Simplified network services proposition. It’s an exciting new era and a bold vision for the future,” says Graham Wilkinson, Head of Sales, Beyond Connectivity.

Beyond Connectivity encompasses cloud communications (hosted pbx), mobile, networking (inc broadband) plus services ….. working with big name brands such as BT, EE, Vodafone, O2 and TalkTalk.

The rebrand gives ‘Beyond’ its own identity and web presence to differentiate itself and provide a distinctive voice in the market. Equally it builds on the company’s existing Simplified proposition of making the complicated simple, Graham emphasises.

“Following a detailed brand review we decided to adopt a new strategy. Our new name and brand identity has been guided by reason. Seriously considered and meticulously planned.

“By thinking beyond today we are better equipped for tomorrow and beyond. Adopting this strategy means that rather than chasing change, we can adapt alongside it in real time. We’re more agile and can begin to influence change ourselves. Our team of experts go above and beyond every day to deliver the best service, solutions and support – whilst our technical tools and dashboards take the complexity out of working, to make things simpler.”

He continued: “Our new brand is not encapsulated in a logo, tagline, slogan or campaign. Brand is what we do, how we present ourselves every day and how our customers experience us. Go further is our brand promise and company mantra. It supports our existing customer centric culture and reflects our positive forward thinking approach to connectivity, technology and service.

“The rebrand will help us raise awareness to attract new customers. It enables opportunity for growth by providing a competitive edge through better brand positioning.”

Graham concluded: “We have a clear and separate identity that reflects our friendly, professional, accessible and reliable team, based on a 20-year pedigree with lots of expertise and experience. We’ve outgrown our previous brand and can achieve more with a new identity.

“Beyond Connectivity will be known as Beyond on a daily basis and it puts us at the forefront of the Digital Britain in an era of hyper-connectivity. We’re coming of age.

“It’s about taking the natural next step and building on relationships based on a desire to succeed. Opening up new avenues and making it clearer what we are, who we are and what we can do for our customers. This is not just a brand but where the company is heading to shape our future. We are going above and beyond… going further to make connectivity simpler.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine