Nimans Responds to Rocom ‘Propaganda’

Nimans’ Chairman Julian Niman has hit back at media claims made by Rocom by saying, “Quite frankly we are amazed by the misleading and inaccurate comments made by Rocom, much of which appears to be based on fiction rather than fact, after all I am an ATC shareholder.”

Niman continues, “For the record Nimans disputes that Rocom is the number one distributor with Panasonic and Polycom and would question whether they are talking about Rocom or ATC in this area. As for them selling more today than Nimans that is simply not true.”

“Rocom talk about ‘Total Distribution’ but we’ve been providing that for years. We offer world class logistics with next day delivery when ordering as late as 6.30pm, unlike any of our rivals. We have some of the most highly qualified technical support staff in Europe and our marketing department provides everything from a reseller’s own branded brochures to bespoke websites. We also have a comprehensive field sales team which operates on a nationwide basis and our £6 million purpose-built headquarters houses extensive on-site training facilities. We’ve been offering leasing and finance facilities for over two years along with service provision.”

He continued: “It is not our policy to become embroiled in a war of words with anyone, we merely wish for a balanced viewpoint. We just get on with the job of serving our growing customer base in a professional and efficient way, but when we read this type of propaganda we have to redress the balance. We don’t need to make wild claims to try and belittle our rivals as business is booming here and we are confident 2008 will prove an equally successful year for us.

“At the end of the day the channel knows the reality of the situation and we find the picture Rocom are trying to portray as disrespectful to the industry that we all work in.

Propaganda is a very powerful weapon but it can prove very dangerous to believe too much of your own.”

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