Nimans Restructures Solution Sales to Address Market Changes

Nimans has announced an internal ‘solutions sales’ restructure to help build reseller bonds based on seamless interaction.

“We’ve restructured our former systems team to make us more fit for purpose having recognised the market continues to change,” says Head of Solutions, John McKindland. “As the largest voice distributor in the UK with the largest support team we need to adapt and evolve.”

He added: “As part of this ethos we have upskilled many members of the team so that they can work across different brands to better address customer needs. We have a lot of resellers who cross over between vendors. In the past they would deal with potentially up to five people across a couple of brands. Now everything has been streamlined from a pre-sales and field sales perspective to create seamless interaction. We have also moved to a territory based system so instead of external sales people dashing up and down the country they have defined account bases. This means they can better build relationships as they are more available by cutting business miles.”

John concluded: “Overall we have become more approachable and even more reseller driven to build stronger reseller bonds.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine