Nimans Takes Resellers through WLAN Techniques

Novice resellers went back to the classroom to learn about Samsung Wireless LAN installation techniques as part of an in-depth Nimans training course.

Attendees spent two-days gaining a comprehensive system overview as they learned the secrets to WLAN success and how to install the intuitive and scalable technology.

Access Points and Controllers, features, Wi-Fi standards and channels, security options and site surveys all fell under the spotlight as part of the ‘hands-on’ course.

A Preston-based dealer commented afterwards: “We are relatively new to this market so need to learn how to set-up and install a complete Wi-Fi system. We’ve done one so far but received some assistance from Samsung. We now understand its many capabilities and how to deploy it. We can’t wait to get on with things and sell lots of it. The course was an important stepping stone. It’s a very impressive product set.”

The training course forms part of a complete support structure from Nimans designed to help resellers embrace the fast-growing WLAN arena, already worth £250m in the UK which is set to expand by 20% this year. New industry research forecasts that Wi-Fi networks will carry almost 60% of smartphone and tablet data traffic by 2019.

“WLAN is a natural evolution of voice and data communications with education, retail and hospitality huge areas to target, says Tom Maxwell, Head of Dealer Sales at Nimans.

He highlighted how Samsung WLAN is based on expandable ‘bullet proof’ hardware that can seamlessly integrate into existing Samsung architecture or be rolled out across other comms system platforms. According to independent research from the Tolly Group it outperforms some big name rivals in coverage, speed and quality of voice and data service.

Tom concluded: “We recognise how training is a vital component in helping resellers move forward with confidence. Many haven’t been involved with WLAN before but we are with them every step of the way to ensure they make a flying start. We’ve put together a very compelling on-boarding package that includes free on-site assistance from Samsung on the first installation – to ensure it’s a very smooth, productive and lucrative new area of business for them.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine