Nimans to ‘De-Mystify’ Convergence Market

Telecoms distributor Nimans is launching a sustained assault on the voice and data convergence market with the arrival of Les Szpakowski as Installation Product Manager.

Szpakowski has around 20 years IT experience and his dedicated new role aims to raise awareness and increase Nimans’ extensive offering in the telecommunications arena as the market continues to evolve. He has a background in field sales engineering, having worked for companies such as Mayflex and Wadsworth Ltd. selling installation products into a geographically targeted market as well as into specialist and electrical contractors. Szpakowski will initially review current products within the data installation area of the business and from this, develop a range of associated products and services to supplement Nimans’ existing portfolio.

“My priority is to consolidate the cabling side of the business, the platform products upon which different applications can run and many will be based. It is important to recognise that dealers don’t just buy phone systems from us, they need all the ancillary products as well,” explained Szpakowski who confirmed: “It is also my intention to filter knowledge throughout all levels of the business to assist our loyal dealer base.”

Szpakowski is determined to help “de-mystify” the whole convergence process and generate tangible benefits so that customers can see how technology can have a positive impact on their businesses and the lives of their own customers.

He explained: “There is little doubt that voice and data convergence, such as VoIP, is upon us and will grow in popularity as awareness and application usage increases. Dect door entry systems that can be operated by phone is just one example of a unified application. This is what the market is looking for; actual applications that people can understand and see the benefit of, rather than just buzz words.

“As well as diversification it’s about the practicality of what something can do and how it can enhance efficiency and productivity. Part of the process is de-mystify the landscape. VoIP is probably the most commonly talked about convergence application, but even here you need compatible handsets and other associated hardware that may or may not be VoIP enabled. It’s about creating a seamless approach to technology and its necessary components. “

Szpakowski concluded: “Our job is to be the interface between the manufacturer and our customer so that the end user can see tangible benefits, otherwise we are all just selling technology for the sake of it.”

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