Nimans Top the Charts

Nimans is aiming to top the sales charts as demand grows for an exclusive music and messaging on hold solution, launched 18 months ago.

The Fortune 4000 uses web-based functionality where users can choose a voice actor and pick from 300 royalty free tunes. Completed announcements are simply downloaded onto a USB stick and plugged into a base unit which can be dealer branded.

Orders have now reached over 100 a month and continue to rise, according to Tom Maxwell, Head of Dealer Sales at Nimans.

“Music and messaging on hold is proven to enhance the customer experience, dramatically reducing the amount of abandoned calls. More and more businesses are polishing-up their image with a professional and fully customisable messaging service that can be set-up within minutes at a very compelling price point. Fortune 4000 represents a great way for resellers to ramp-up their sales and take advantage of on-going revenue from the ordering of new announcements.”

Supplied with all cables and hardware, the Fortune MOH player combines simple installation and ease of use with an array of customised options – taking just four steps to complete from start to finish.

Dealers can brand both the website and hardware with their own logo and prices start from £99 for the player and one message announcement. Tom says the Fortune 4000 is compatible with all phone systems and represents a very cost effective and intuitive solution – offering great recurring revenue opportunities for dealers.

Nimans on hold

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine

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