Nimans urges Resellers to stay in control

A new weapon has been unveiled in the multi-billion-pound global battle against telephone hacking – to help resellers protect themselves and their customers.

Control Phreak, a fully automatic PBX firewall which stops telephone hackers in their tracks, has launched a new software version that includes several advanced features – and now works with Alcatel Lucent as well as Panasonic, Siemens and Samsung selected systems. Version 4 of the software is quicker and more efficient and includes an enhanced user interface, with new dynamic call barring features and proactive call forwarding removal.

The UK is one of the top global hot spots for communication fraud – including telephone hacking – which is estimated to be running at up to $80 billion worldwide.

Control Phreak Chief Architect Roger Ansin says phone systems are susceptible to attack and should be protected by the only software-based product of its kind on the market. Roger who is MD of The Callista Group teamed-up with Nimans several years ago to launch the effective technology which took five years to develop and comes complete with an integrated Proxy Server which only allows authorised access to PBX programming.

Roger says ‘phreaking’ is now so big it’s being masterminded by organised crime and even terrorist groups to raise illicit funds.

“A phone system is a vital business asset but it’s also one of the most vulnerable,” Roger revealed. “Phone hackers can breach security in milliseconds to make illegal calls which can cost businesses thousands of pounds in bills. Control Phreak provides total around-the-clock protection, detecting and killing any illegal activity, automatically.

“Phone systems are a prime target for hackers, and if they’re not protected, companies won’t find out if they’ve been targeted until their next phone bill, and then it’s too late.” He continued: “It’s a massive international problem.”

Control Phreak makes a phone system invisible to hackers so that it’s safe and impenetrable, as Roger concluded: “These latest advancements represent another major step forward so that resellers not only protect their own customers but also themselves, to maintain productive relationships and avoid potentially costly legal disputes if hackers target unprotected systems.”

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