Nimans Welcomes Polycom Clampdown on Unauthorised Channels

Nimans has welcomed a clampdown by Polycom on “unauthorised” resellers trying to sell Polycom VSX Video Solutions against Polycom certified partners. Polycom has stepped up its drive to ensure only officially certified resellers can offer VSX video solutions, a move which is being supported by Nimans through a series of explanatory workshops.

“Polycom has been requiring resellers to secure certification for some time but only now has really started to put the squeeze on,” commented Nimans’ Polycom Manager, Simon Hughes. “We welcome this because it will protect resellers who have the necessary experience and expertise to correctly specify and install VSX Video systems. Currently they might spend three months doing demos and determining the right spec, only for the buyer to take that spec to an uncertified reseller who can undercut them at the 11th hour. By insisting on certification, Polycom can prevent box shifters poaching that business, ensure end-users benefit from specialist expertise and after sales support and enable Polycom Partners to maintain their margin.”

Mr. Hughes is hosting three workshops at Nimans; Manchester headquarters and Polycom’s Slough base during October and November. These will detail the benefits of securing certification, what the process involves and highlighting the sales opportunities that the VSX offers to a wide range of dealers. “If a reseller is installing an IP Telephone system, or selling WAN links to a multi site organisation it makes sense to look at video communications solution like the Polycom VSX product range”, he explained.

Dealers can secure Polycom certification by completing an online course. This simply involves viewing a series of streamed lecturers and completing a multiple choice test. “For those people who already know the VSX range it is not a barrier at all. The certification procedure cuts the wheat from the chaff and ensures that those who do not have the expertise to sell this product can’t sell it. This also means that a reseller can invest time and resources in a customer without the worry of a non-certified and inexperienced vendors selling on price alone.”

Tony Heyworth, Polycom EMEA Marketing Director says,

“Many of Niman’s telephony resellers see a huge opportunity to differentiate their services and make extra margin by adding video solutions to their portfolio of voice offerings. Video over IP (as well as ISDN) is a natural extension to telephony sales.

Nimans are therefore investing heavily in supporting their resellers achieve Polycom certification as a way of ensuring customers receive the best possible service from only authorised Polycom partners.

Polycom is focused on protecting the investment of both its customers and its resellers. Our objective is to protect partners who invest in certification to ensure that only those companies with the necessary skills to recommend and support customers with Polycom solutions, are able to do so.

Polycom is working to raise awareness within the end user community of the importance of working with a certified partner. Nimans is showcasing these benefits through its programme of workshops which are designed to assist partners to become certified and so that they can take advantage of the additional revenue opportunities Polycom offers.”

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