Nimans Workshops for Ericsson Evolution

Dealers have the chance to take a major step towards becoming officially accredited to sell Ericsson’s MD Evolution telephone system at two sales workshops being run by distributor Nimans. The events take place at Nimans’ Manchester headquarters on July 20th and August 17th and will give dealers all the essential product information to sell the innovative Evolution platform which is ideally suited for small and medium-sized organisations.

At the end of the free sessions dealers will take a 30 minute on-line exam to earn them official status to sell the powerful IP PBX system which provides cost effective, integrated fixed and mobile telephony services, with the capability to connect up to 200 IP phones.

“We want to provide dealers with all the support and assistance required to enable them to sell this new and innovative product,” said Nimans’ Ericsson Business Manager, Chris Birchall. “The sales courses are being run in conjunction with separate technical workshops also being staged over the next few months which together play a fundamental role in a dealer becoming a registered Ericsson reseller.”

He added: “The day-long sales courses include a free lunch and aim to expand a dealer’s own knowledge on a very unique and new product which will open up significantly new revenue streams for them.”

Birchall said the MD Evolution is a feature-packed one box solution – future-proof technology at an extremely competitive price. It is designed for SME’s requiring between eight and 200 extensions and includes multiple integrated services such as Voicemail and unified messaging.

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