Nimbus UC Gets Off To A Flying Start

Channel Telecom has reported over 1000 user licences for Nimbus UC have been installed and 50 active Nimbus UC resellers appointed since the product launched in August 2016.

The company has put the growth down to some of the recent product enhancements, including free Skype for Business integration, and full time monitoring of call quality (now standard on the service). Licences start at just £2.75 and include free UK calls.

“A platform wide deployment of RTCP-XR means that all calls involving Polycom and Yealink handsets are routinely monitored, so that any call over the last 5 days can be examined to see the phone’s view of how good the audio/video portion of the call was. Each call is given a Mean Opinion Score (MOS), based on parameters such as packet loss, delay and jitter” explains Tim Nelson, head of IP Voice.

Nelson continues, “In addition, all of this information is collated to get a view of the whole system, averaging all the MOS scores across 1000s of calls an hour. This overall score takes into account the platform, internet peering and all customer internet connectivity”.

The call quality information collated is then used to complement the stats that are already collected, and is now enabling the Channel Telecom team to provide faster problem resolution.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine