No contract, No Tariff Business Telephony? No worries

Francois Mazoudier, CEO GoHello says, “With the latest updates and pessimism from the economic depression seeming to fill every page of the press these days, the message is simple: don’t make long-term commitments during this uncertain economic climate. This applies for those buying technology as much as those on the trading floor.

Long-term binding investments, like buying a new PBX or leasing a new phone system for 18 months, are not sensible given the up-and-down nature of the economy. What seems like a good deal now could cause money haemorrhaging, losing staff and even closing a business in 6-12 months time.

At GoHello we operate on a rolling monthly contract with all customers, allowing their telecoms solution to be flexible to the needs of their business without making a long-term financial commitment. The cost of our service is also flat-rate, meaning that there is no need to ration usage of the service and as it is web-based it doesn’t need a technical support team, or engineers. We understand that SMEs have enough to worry about, particularly with the credit crunch, so we do our bit to make sure that your telephony service is not one of these concerns.

Our award-winning telephony solution enables businesses to ditch their rarely used deskphones, keep their fixed line number and take all calls to their mobile device just like an individual office extension. This ensures that employees never miss an important call again, even when out of the office, giving them the flexibility to stay in contact with customers, clients and colleagues.”

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