No Growing Pains say Mitel

Mitel has introduced their NuPoint Messenger IP Model 640 Release 10 saying it is a cost-effective, scalable platform for enterprises to forward, store and retrieve voice, fax and email messages using a phone, pager, fax machine or PC.

“NuPoint Messenger IP 640 stays true to Mitel’s commitment to providing customers with a migration path that protects their current investment and allows them to cost effectively add applications, features and capacity as businesses grow and evolve over time,” said Mitel CEO Don Smith. “Release 10 of NuPoint Messenger IP 640 completes our messaging portfolio which, combined with the scalability and resiliency of the Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP), provides a comprehensive solution for small businesses through to Fortune 100 enterprises.”

The company claims NuPoint Messenger IP Model 640 provides a valuable option for customers who are looking for higher scalability and resiliency when replacing Centigram Model 640 systems and other older/legacy voice processing systems. The carrier-grade messaging solution provides a modular architecture that expands from eight to 240 ports and over 100,000 mailboxes providing customers with the ability to evolve their system through added system capacities, features or both without the need for costly upgrades or replacements. NuPoint Messenger Release 10.0 offers superior availability and resiliency with the ability to program voicemail ports to re-home to a secondary 3300 ICP featuring resilient hunt group capabilities.

“This latest release of NuPoint Messenger IP 640 demonstrates that Mitel is ahead of the curve by providing a true ‘unified communications’ solution, taking advantage of presence capabilities, as well as advanced speech technologies,” stated Blair Pleasant, president and principal analyst of COMMfusion. “By providing a modular and scalable product, Mitel customers can start with the capabilities they need today, and grow the system over time.”

Mitel say that by deploying their advanced messaging applications organisations can reduce their total cost of ownership, improve employee productivity and provide superior client service. Enterprise users can be more productive with advanced unified messaging features such as Text To Speech (TTS) with voice reply allowing mobile employees to easily access and respond to email messages regardless of location using the device of their choice.

The announcement by Mitel further illustrates their continued coming together with Microsoft’s strategy in that NuPoint Messenger is compatible with Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005, and will enable users to invoke messaging options based on their presence information and can be integrated at the desktop with Microsoft Office Communicator 2005. Users can access their voice messages directly off the NuPoint Messenger 640 IP message store via the telephone, web, or email client. Additionally, users are able to reply to voice messages with an email, forward messages via email, and save their messages to their email inbox for archiving as a WAV file.

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