No Recession at Oak

Oak is enjoying a bumper year, but were themselves surprised at sales volumes in November.

Joint CEO James Emm said, ‘Our marvellous UK channel sold 196 Oak systems in November, with sales healthily spread across call-logging, call-recording and CTI implementations. The high number of sales was down to overall high activity rather than any exceptional volume orders. We try to work hard and think smart at Oak, but I believe that there are some external factors that are also helping our sales. These include the fact that, when all is said and done, many many end-users still opt for CPE solutions; and also that the channel are focussing on their base as an effective way of selling in market conditions that are not as easy as they were ten years ago. Call-logging, recording and screen-popping products are all good subject matters with which to engage with selected base customers.

Having said that, I am never really satisfied – we were four systems short of 200!’

Oak made the decision in the early ‘90s to become channel-focussed at a time when many competitors were selling directly, and both Oak chiefs – James Emm and Phil Reynolds – believe that this is still one of the ingredients for Oak’s success twenty years on, and Oak’s channel policy will continue when their Cloud-based products are launched in 2013

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