No texting while driving

To reduce the distraction of mobile devices to drivers, 10n2 Technologies is launching its enterprise BizProtect software application for Android, Blackberry and the iPhone in the UK today, 22nd November 2012.

For fleet managers, BizProtect offers a solution that will help to keep employees safe and minimise any productivity or vehicle downtime caused by distracted driving. The product also has the potential to reduce costs and liabilities for businesses.
Featuring the patent-pending Attention Verification Test (AVT), BizProtect is the only smartphone software that effectively differentiates between drivers and passengers and can’t be overridden without the administrator being notified.
The application utilises a device’s GPS to calculate phone speed and once above a pre-determined threshold of 10 mph BizProtect automatically launches. Managers are able to remotely manage their employees’ smartphones on the feature-rich, cloud-based administration portal and implement safe driving practices.

Ciaran Hynes, CEO of 10n2 Technologies, says “Distracted driving is not only a leading cause of road deaths and injuries, it’s preventable. We estimate that the potential cost of a car accident to an employer could be in excess of £12,000 and our software is configured to prevent drivers from texting, tweeting or even making calls without a hands-free device.
“BizProtect is the only enterprise technology of its kind in the market that can differentiate between being a passenger and a driver in the car through our Attention Verification Test.”

According to RoSPA, there are approximately three million company owned vehicles in the UK, with 66% of company cars subject to an insurance claim every year.

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