No UK Plans for Microsoft PBX

It has emerged that D-Link, one of the three vendors of the Microsoft Response Point PBX announced last month has no plans to introduce the product in to the UK.

According to D-Link’s Nick Spencer, “There are no current plans to introduce the DVX 2000 in to the UK market.”

Microsoft has also indicated that the UK is not on their agenda for sales.

Some observers are now saying that Response Point was developed by Microsoft Research as a stalking horse – to see if it will fly or not. If it does, they think we shall see it come out on a global level.

Last month Microsoft heralded the new PBX on their web site saying ‘Response Point comes in an easy-to-install box, supports both VoIP and traditional phone lines, and includes a voice-activated user interface.’

Microsoft indicated Response Point would be generally available later this year in three models: D-Link DVX-2000, Quanta Syspine and Uniden Evolo.

At the time however Mark Deakin, Unified Communications Manager for Microsoft in the UK, cautioned, “It’s important to remember this (Response Point) came from a different part of the company i.e. out of MS Research if I remember correctly.

This means that for now it doesn’t relate to our Unified Communications vision; from time to time we do come out with products like Response Point which at first look like they are taking us in one direction but actually it comes about for a different reason. I wouldn’t read too much into this for now and all the information is available on the (Microsoft) website.”

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