Node4 Launches Next Gen Firewall Services

Node4 has launched N4Protect and N4Protect+, two highly sophisticated Firewall services for protection against security threats. Fully managed by Node4, the new services offer customers security at a range of price and capability levels.

N4Protect and N4Protect+ are built on Fortinet’s FortiGate firewall hardware platform, allowing businesses to reap the benefits of Node4’s investment in an advanced adaptive threat protection system at a highly competitive monthly rate, without the expenditure, difficulty and risk associated with providing their own firewall systems. This actively compares notes with millions of other Fortinet-enabled devices in the field to adapt to developing threats as they appear.

Both Node4 security services incorporate geographic dual resiliency, with dedicated multi-tenant firewalls in the company’s Data Centres in Leeds and Northampton. The systems also feature some of the industry’s most sophisticated and comprehensive threat analysis reporting, allowing business to understand what their security threats are and regularly adapt their policies.

Node4’s base level product, N4Protect, provides all the features a company would expect of a standard firewall, while N4Protect+ enhances this protection further with adaptive Unified Threat Management and heuristic analysis. Node4 customers can also add Node4’s Anti-Virus and Intrusion Protection ‘plug in’ services to both products, as required. Both services are fully managed by Node4.

“Threat vectors and the nature of security threats are constantly evolving,” commented Andrew Gilbert, CEO at Node4. “As companies put more and more mission-critical data in the Cloud, having access to a high-end solution that can meet these threats becomes increasingly critical. Through N4Protect and N4Protect+, Node4 can offer customers maximum functionality and scalability, but with the ability to ‘pay as you go’ for a highly cost-effective approach to security mitigation.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine