Nokia 2009 outlook

Nokia’s UK managing director, Mark Loughran, has spoken exclusively to Mobile Business on what he expects to see happening in 2009 for Nokia.

He commented that looking at 2009 and beyond, Nokia understands that the economic landscape will be more challenging that it has been for several years. “For Nokia, what will matter within this environment is how we run and operate our global business going forward. We have advantages due to scale; as a business we have superior logistics, low costs and a broad product portfolio. It is these factors that will enable us to distinguish ourselves from the competition during 2009.

“Furthermore, there is optimism given where our focus as a business is moving in 2009 regarding the products and services we are introducing to both consumer and corporate mobile phone users,” Loughran added.

He said there are four areas that come to mind in terms of hot products and services for 2009. These are mobile internet, mail, music and maps, Loughran claimed. “There’s no doubt that the way we connect is changing and it is becoming more personal and portable. What will be key regarding the Nokia offering is how we are going to be able to transform the internet into becoming your internet.

“What we want to be able to do is help mobile users to have a more personal experience with the internet via their mobile device,” he explained. “At Nokia, we are looking to unleash the full potential of the internet away from what you can do in your home or office, but what can be done through your mobile device. We have to make the whole experience for users intuitive, easy to use and more personal. We believe that Nokia, more than any other company, has the opportunity to put the power of the internet into the hands of more people around the world, given that there are a billion consumers out there.”

Nokia also needs to be able to offer integrated internet services that link the home PC to the mobile, stated Loughran. He said Nokia’s Ovi platform will allow users to have a digital identity on the internet. Furthermore, partnerships with companies such as ,the BBC to load the BBC iPlayer onto Nokia’s N96, signal how brilliant content and media can be consumed through the mobile channel, rather than just through the TV, explained Loughran.

Nokia’s recent announcement with IBM and Lotus Notes allows Nokia to widen the usage of its devices for customers, which means the company now covers nearly 90% of the corporate email market.

“That said, at present some 75% of the world’s population have not used email,2 warns Loughran. “For many, their first experience will be via a mobile device. At present, some 200 million Nokia devices have been shipped to enable the launch of messaging solutions. So moving forward, we will help drive more people to using messaging and email via their mobile devices.”

In music, across 2009 Nokia hopes to build on the initial success of Comes with Music (CWM). Loughran said users are offered a choice of music from the four major labels: Warner Music, EMI, Sony BMG and Universal, plus independents.

The success of Nokia Maps so far has shown how a particular application can become almost indispensable and something users cannot do without, claimed Loughran. “Navigation was a real success for us in 2008 and we see this continuing. Nokia has recently combined its award winning mobile mapping and navigation service, Nokia Maps, with its personalised online mapping experience on Ovi by Nokia. This combination of Nokia Maps plus Ovi is the first service that allows people to pre-plan their journey at home on their PC and synchronise with their mobile device, giving access to pre-planned routes and favourite destinations whilst on the move.

“As a leader, Nokia is always evolving as a business and is focused on both meeting the needs of consumers and exceeding their expectations by giving them technology and applications that they may not be aware that they need today, but that will be indispensible tomorrow,” summed up Loughran.

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