Nokia Siemens Networks demos simple app development

Visitors to the IP&TV World Forum 2011 in London this week can get first-hand experience of Nokia Siemens Networks’ Ubiquity Multiscreen TV platform.

Based on open source technology, the platform supports simple application development, integrates content from multiple sources and allows targeted advertising. Ubiquity Multiscreen TV allows operators to deliver TV, internet content and third-party applications to multiple devices, including PCs, TV screens, mobile phones and tablets, with a consistent customer experience.

At the IP&TV World Forum, Nokia Siemens Networks highlights the ease with which operators or other third parties can use the platform to develop and deploy applications to be used on different devices. The TV client architecture opens up the possibility for operators to work with third-party developers to create a compelling applications portfolio and an open app store to differentiate themselves from competitors. In addition, the company demonstrates interactive, targeted advertising with the capability to profile and analyse customers to support specific campaigns and ad management.

The Ubiquity Multiscreen TV client supports multiple open application frameworks including Nokia’s Qt, HTML5 and IML, allowing the greatest flexibility for application developers in providing new and interactive applications using tools they feel most comfortable with. With this, developers can deliver their applications quickly and cost effectively.

“Ubiquity Multiscreen TV platform provides a single interface to both TV and internet content at any time, on any screen and over any network,” said Brook Longdon, head of media and entertainment, Nokia Siemens Networks. “The platform delivers a personalized viewing experience to end users and helps operators unearth new business opportunities through integration of internet content, third-party applications and targeted advertising.”

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