Nortel Becomes a One-Stop Shop for WiMAX

Nortel plans to enter the 4G device market by adding direct sales of WiMAX-enabled devices to the Company’s end-to-end WiMAX offering. The Company intends to offer its service provider customers simple, cost-effective, early-market devices such as PC express cards and USB dongles for WiMAX connectivity on laptops, as well as indoor routers and outdoor gateways for WiMAX to the home or business.

Nortel’s 4G WiMAX portfolio combines the network performance and the consumer devices necessary to support high-bandwidth applications such as video, on-line gaming and VoIP. These devices will be fully integrated with Nortel’s WiMAX Network Infrastructure, creating an end-to-end solution that makes Nortel a “one-stop-shop” for any operator launching a WiMAX network.

In the era of what Nortel terms Hyperconnectivity, where anything that can be connected, will be connected, service providers need to meet ever increasing demands for bandwidth while still maintaining high quality service for their customers. WiMAX has the coverage and capacity levels necessary to meet those demands and make true personal broadband a reality.

These new Nortel devices are intended to meet the most recent industry certification requirements, known as Wave 2. Wave 2 devices make use of multiple input multiple output (MIMO) advanced antenna technology, offering increased performance levels over existing WiMAX devices, such as the capability to support true mobile broadband.
“The addition of Wave 2 WiMAX devices is another important step in Nortel’s path towards the development of a comprehensive, end-to-end WiMAX solution that will help make the task of deploying a mobile broadband network simple for our customers,” said Peter MacKinnon, general manager, Nortel WiMAX and Wireless Mesh and chairman, LG-Nortel JV. “Leveraging our leadership in mobile technologies and partnering with the best device and chipset manufacturers in the world, Nortel is creating end-to-end WiMAX solutions that any carrier, from the largest service providers to small operators just entering the broadband market, can use to deliver the personal broadband experience, including mobile VoIP and video that is essential to Hyperconnectivity.”

Nortel’s investment in its WiMAX ecosystem is global. With five R&D c5enters located in Japan, India, Korea, Canada, and China, there are Nortel engineers working on the next level of WiMAX innovation every hour of every day. The company also has four Centers of Excellence (CoE) with one, the Nortel CoE for WiMAX 4G Ecosystem in Taipei, specifically dedicated to device interoperability. The efforts within the Taipei CoE are helping to ensure a fully-compatible ecosystem of devices will exist for WiMAX. For our customers, this translates into a wide selection of affordable devices.

The new Nortel branded Wave 2 devices will have various features and functionality. For example, the WiMAX Indoor Premium Router will have VoIP, data and WiFi capability. The devices will be produced by Quanta and ZyXEL, two of the world’s leading WiMAX device manufactures, based on requirements specified by Nortel. Through these ecosystem partners, Nortel’s Wave 2 devices are expected to use the Beceem BCS200 WiMAX chipset and the Sequans SQN 1130 WiMAX chipset. Beceem and Quanta are the latest additions to Nortel’s broad ecosystem of 4G partners.

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