Nortel NGN PBT Announcements

Nortel has made several announcements regarding Provider Backbone Transport (PBT)

This includes new upgrades to the company’s Carrier Ethernet solution, bringing more powerful, faster resources to its PBT technologies, as well as several new customer deployments and additions to the Carrier Ethernet Ecosystem. These releases provide further evidence that Nortel is leading the way in developing Ethernet technologies to which carriers in the United States and around the world are increasingly turning to provide solutions that extend their catalogue of affordable next-generation services for users.

Among today’s Nortel announcements:

– Nortel has upgraded its Carrier Ethernet solution to bring more powerful resources to its PBT technologies, positioning products to meet carrier demand for greater bandwidth capacity and flexibility to deliver the bandwidth. New capabilities will allow the PBT solution to deliver “triple-play” services, including voice, Internet and TV programming for residential customers, increasing revenue opportunities for carriers.

– These Nortel PBT advancements come in the wake of recent studies by analysts which say the Internet access infrastructure could potentially degrade in the next three-to-five years. The available bandwidth in the network could diminish to the point that the user experience will suffer dramatically, causing brownout conditions and slow Internet speeds that could cause the user experience to suffer. Designed to help mitigate the effects of the looming bandwidth crunch, Nortel is continuing to evolve its carrier Ethernet Portfolio, extending its PBT capabilities to new solution areas.

– The Nortel-led Carrier Ethernet Ecosystem, also working to develop new, Ethernet-based approaches to meet the burgeoning bandwidth demands of increasingly popular services such as HD video, social media and advanced business services, continues momentum with seven new members that have joined the group to ensure interoperability and develop new capabilities to further the state-of-the-art of Carrier Ethernet.

– Nortel continues to gain momentum in the space as three new customers, Swiss electricity and telecommunications service provider groupe-e, Highland Telecom Cooperative of Tennessee and Southern Light in the Gulf Coast, have all selected Nortel’s PBT solutions to provide high-capacity networks that enable bandwidth intensive telecommunications services such as VoIP, high-speed Internet access, IPTV, video backhaul and business services.

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