Now is the time to Fully Embrace VoIP say Nimans

‘Don’t get left behind’ is the message from leading telecoms distributor Nimans who say VoIP applications are finally coming of age as they continue to accelerate in popularity.

Dealers are being urged to fully embrace the VoIP market or risk losing out on significant revenue streams as the convergence of voice and data moves ever closer. Faster, cheaper broadband and reliable IP-based solutions are being combined with an expanding product range from the leading vendors which is fueling major growth in the VoIP market.

Certainly Phil Adams, Phone Systems Sales Manager at leading distributor Nimans, says the growth of VoIP and changing market trends are now too big for dealers to ignore.

“If I go back to the end of 2004 it is fair to say that 75% of IP products being shipped were being implemented with digital and analogue end points and little actual use of IP, apart from networking,” he pointed out. “The pace of IP deployment within the telecoms industry is growing significantly all the time. There is more confidence and more understanding of the many benefits that VoIP can provide.”

As an independent specialist, Nimans is well placed to offer the best impartial advice as the market continues to diversify and expand. Avaya, Siemens, Ericsson and Mitel are some of the many systems available, tailor made for VoIP.

Phil says telecoms dealers are picking up knowledge on a daily basis and are being well supported by the distributor. “There is now more pressure on the distributor to supply products with ever higher levels of technical support, across both the voice and data arenas. VoIP and SIP trunking bring terrific benefits to the end user, with low cost networking and cheaper calls the most obvious advantage. This in turn creates tremendous potential for the reseller and opens up new market opportunities because they can go and churn all those old systems. As SIP trunking comes in then the cost benefits for end users such as making international calls are considerable so this will add to overall demand and the appeal of VoIP.”

Phil says now is the time for dealers to fully embrace VoIP, or risk getting left behind.

“It’s true there has been a lot of talk about VoIP for the last few years but I would say that from 2004 the upward trends really started to take off and as each year passes these trends continue to accelerate. I would say that the lowering cost in broadband services has been a major factor in this growth.”

He concluded: “Vendors have produced a massive range of VoIP products covering everything from two extensions to 10,000, so there’s a huge choice for dealers of proven, reliable technology that caters for every need. The voice and data sectors are driving each other forward so the whole VoIP market continues to grow as the two areas move closer and closer all the time.”

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