nPlusOne Completes BT Wholesale IP Exchange Interconnect

nPlusOne the hosted wholesale IP Telephony service provider have announced that they have successfully completed testing the Interconnection to BT Wholesale’s IP Exchange service and have now gone live. This is the ability to deliver calls from VoIP systems to the PSTN via the Internet – this is core to BTs 21CN. The technological and commercial ramifications to the Telecommunications Industry are huge and nPlusOne have been working to make themselves key players in this space. Only a handful of operators have so far gone through this process and nPlusOne is the first Scottish company to do so.

The engineering team at nPlusOne has been developing a redundant network to ensure not only the VoIP service delivery is carrier grade but also can deliver Least Cost Routes. On the back of the traditional C7 Interconnections, nPlusOne can deliver traditional breakouts to the PSTN as well as delivering on-net SIP Traffic augmenting their VoIP network that has been live since 2003.

This is another step in moving and keeping telephony traffic to be on-net. nPlusOne have always believed that in the long term, strategically most traffic, globally will be moving in this direction hence the service delivery model has to change. As with Broadband, IP Telephony will eat away from the traditional services and those suppliers who have not made the investment to be ready for the market shift will lose out, possibly fatally.

Resellers and customers will now enjoy not only the high quality and innovative services that nPlusOne offers, but they will also benefit and compete on the cost of breakouts to the PSTN – nationally and internationally.

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