NTL Contract for Krone

ntl Telewest has installed more than 152 kilometres of ADC Krone TrueNet Category 5e STP shielded cabling and over 15,000 network points in 73 points-of-presence (PoPs) country-wide as part of its multi-million pound investment to bring TV-on-demand (TVoD) services to its customers. TVoD provides access to a virtual library of films and TV entertainment, 24 hours a day. Offering the same control as watching a video or DVD, ntl Telewest customers can select a programme and watch it at a time that suits them with full pause, fast forward and rewind functionality.

“The project was to increase the capacity for the transport side of the TVoD projects,” explains Michael Chambers, senior project manager at ntl Telewest. “It was part of a multi-million pound project to increase our overall network bandwidth in order to meet the requirements of, and deliver, our new TVoD service.”

“With any mission critical infrastructure, reliability is essential,” says Carsten Storbeck, head of product management for carrier solutions for ADC Krone EMEA. “We are delighted that ntl Telewest chose our TrueNet structured cabling solution and Advanced Patching Frame (APFII) technology to provide the high performance system that was essential to meet the competitive challenge of TVoD.”

The new ADC Krone infrastructure allows ntl Telewest to roll out its TVoD service to more than two million households in the UK. “The enhanced infrastructure has given us the means to deliver the technology and extend our performance in the triple play marketplace. TVoD and interactive broadband services are all part of this new market,” says Chambers.

Lancashire-based installer Network Installation Solutions Ltd. (NIS) was chosen to provide the design, installation and testing services for the new deployment. “NIS was selected on the merits of its system design, attention to detail, skills and partnership with connectivity and structured cabling manufacturers such as ADC Krone,” says Chambers. “The installation was well planned and executed.”

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