Number of Female Directors Breaks Through One Million Mark

Women are entering Britain’s boardrooms in increasing numbers and starting to change the face of business, according to the latest analysis of Britain’s 2.83 million directors by Experian, the global information services company.

Analysis of Experian’s National Business Database for the Female Directors Report 2007 has found that, for the first time, the number of female directorships in Britain has broken through the one million mark (1,008,343) and well over one quarter (28 per cent) of directors in the UK are now female.

The number of female directorships is also growing at a faster rate than male directorships. Between 2006 and 2007, the number of board positions held by women grew by 10.5 per cent compared to a 9 per cent for men.

The research also found that female directors under the age of 30 are closest to reaching parity in numbers in the boardroom, while Property Management and the caring professions – Education, Health and Social work – are the industry sectors in which women are making the greatest impact. Geographically, Wales and the South West have the highest proportions of female directors, while for towns and cities – Truro, tops the league.

Jo Howard, Marketing Director of Experian’s Business Information division, commented: “Our latest report shows that women are making steady progress in the boardroom and in some sectors, cities and age groups they are starting to build up a real momentum. Breaking through the one million barrier is a great achievement, whilst the cracks that are visible in the glass ceilings of larger organisations demonstrate the positive contribution women are making to British business at all levels.”

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