Nurture the Relationship say Avaya

Avaya’s Solutions Marketing chief Chris Barrow says that it’s important to remember that today’s SMBs are essentially tomorrow’s mid-market companies.

“So, in collaboration with our partners, we try and adopt an evolutionary approach to this market. Avaya has worked hard to provide tailored packages that address the specific needs of SMB customers and compliment their business, providing them with the tools that help them work better, smarter, and more efficiently. By developing and maintaining strong and loyal partnerships with our SMB customers in this way, Avaya and its resellers can continue to support the evolution of their communications as they move into the mid-market.

We’re aware that the smaller enterprise often requires a deeper level of support than perhaps its larger counterpart which will, more often than not, have a big in-house IT department. That’s why we make sure that our resellers are investing in these customers to ensure that they are making the most out of their solutions. If staff are familiar with the technology they are using on a daily basis then productivity is bound to rise, therefore having a positive impact on the bottom line, and ultimately moving the business up the value chain. Time invested in the early stages of the relationship will then reap greater rewards as the company grows and, with it, its demand for technology.

The correct sell

Avaya has identified the mid-market as a good opportunity for resellers. In order to capitalize on the opportunities this market presents, it’s crucial that our products are being sold in the correct way and that our mid-sized customers are receiving the right amount of support. Training and a good understanding of our products is key. We work closely with our reseller partners to ensure they are constantly receiving training and consultancy, providing ongoing support and helping to ensure they are selling the right technology to their customers, and that customers are getting the most out of their technology investments.
Mid-market recession buying

It’s also important to understand the position that your customer is in. Particularly in our current economic climate, mid-sized customers need support from resellers throughout the implementation process. For many of these customers, a hefty upfront investment is not an option. Resellers can provide an attractive offering for mid-sized companies by allowing them to implement new technologies gradually taking a step-by-step approach. This piecemeal implementation works well in the PBX market so it is an easy buying pattern to support.

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