O-bit Sign up First OLBs

O-bit telecom is gearing up to start its OLB business model, by taking the first group of companies under its wing this month. O-bit Local Business, otherwise known as ‘OLB’, sees leading telecommunications company O-bit partnering with successful local telecoms businesses in various geographical locations across the UK.

The scheme aims to offer extensive benefits for both parties involved. The recent economic environment has left many small businesses struggling to compete with the bigger players. Consequently, very few had the opportunity to grow and expand their product portfolio.

O-bit’s OLB programme allows smaller business to gain strength through the support and security of knowing they are backed by a larger national company. The OLB holds a local presence in their area, which many customers find reassuring – therefore effectively offering the best of both worlds!

O-bit telecom’s CEO, Dave Breith said of the concept, “Too many smaller businesses think exciting and new opportunities, such as hosted VoIP technology, are out of their reach due to the potential costs involved. With O-bit Local Business, providing these products becomes a realistic option for any business of any size.”

Breith continues, “It’s an incredibly exciting project to be involved with and one that we predict will benefit everyone in the telecoms community. Strengthening important local companies is absolutely necessary if we’re to get our economy back to full strength.”

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