O2 and Avenir Telecom join up in strategic partnership

O2 has announced that Avenir Telecom has signed a five year strategic partnership, the first of its kind with the network and a distributor.

As a result of the announcement Avenir Telecom will benefit from a range of exclusive additional channel marketing resources and support, access to the latest training and devices. It will also have access to select direct propositions such as the iPhone, Palm Pre, landline and broadband, as well as priority access to O2 support services.

Avenir will now be involved in helping O2 with its product development, channel approach and business development. They will play a key role in the O2 proposition council which meets regularly to discuss and plan new products and services that the company are proposing.

Ben Dowd, O2 business sales director, commented: “We’re thrilled to confirm we have awarded Avenir Telecom Strategic Partner status. This is the latest in a series of impressive milestones the distributor has delivered both to O2 and the industry at large. Avenir were our partner of the year in distribution for 2009 and we are seeing the same impressive start to 2010.”

Andy Tow, managing director at Avenir Telecom, said: “This new Strategic Partner status with O2 is a first for Avenir and a first for the industry. It’s an impressive proof point of our close operator relationships, something for which our business is renowned. It’s also something that will deliver tangible benefits to both resellers and, as a result, end-users via the additional resources – marketing, training, sales and support – that we will be able to deploy. We will now also be bringing insight from our partners into O2, ensuring we bring to market the right set of solutions and continue to lead the market.”

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