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O2 Announces Customer and Digital Excellence Winners

O2 Business has announced the first winners of its 2015 Customer and Digital Excellence Awards, following the re-launch of the O2 Direct Partner Network on 1 April.

The new awards differentiate O2’s programme as they replace the outdated tiered system, which has been used across the industry for many years. They are indicative of O2’s new approach as they reward a partner’s overall capability to provide world-class customer support and high level of digital knowledge and expertise, instead of grouping them by their scale and size alone.

The O2 Customer Excellence Award focusses on partners’ overall capability to provide world-class customer support and service, and to retain customers. The O2 Digital Excellence Award focusses on digital knowledge, capability and performance and covers O2’s partnership with Microsoft and other digital providers.

The 2015 O2 Customer Excellence Award winners:
•Cellular Solutions (North East)
•Fleet Mobile
•Corporate Wardair

The 2015 O2 Digital Excellence Award winners:
•Cellular Solutions (South)
•Chess Telecom
•Carphone Warehouse Business
•Daisy Direct

Ten partners achieved both the 2015 O2 Customer and Digital Excellence Awards:
•Active Business
•Active Digital
•Pure Telecom
•The One Point

Winners receive new excellence award branding, additional commercials and further marketing and digital consultancy to help develop their business.

Jason Phillips, Head of Partners for O2 Business says “These awards represent a significant shift in the way we work, as we become more intentional in our focus on world-class customer support and digital knowledge and expertise. We are rewarding partners who have successfully made that shift with us. A massive thanks and well done to all those partners. We will continue to work closely with all our partners to deliver above our customers’ expectations whilst build on our success and momentum in the SMB market.”

A year in the making, O2’s biggest evolution of its indirect channels in the last 5 years saw the launch of the O2 Direct Partner Network on 1st April. The move to replace three-year partnerships with five-year partnerships has been well received by the partner community with the desire to work closely with O2 supporting mutual goals and strategies to become the most trusted providers of digital products and services.

Jason Phillips added: “Partners are now recognised not by their scale and size alone but also by their ability to focus relentlessly on the customer and be capable of diversification. Partners are now rewarded on customer experience, churn, value and digital product adoption – real recognition that the market has changed.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine