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O2 Issue Migration Instructions to Partners

Following their decision of last week to pull out of the channel O2 Wholesale has issued instructions to their current channel partners to guide them through the migration and shut down timelines. In case you missed the announcement here it is again.

What’s next?

You will be required to move your services to another service provider.

How long do you have to move off the O2 Wholesale network?

Final date is 28th February 2014. We will be updating you regularly as we move towards this date.

What about the migration previously announced?

The migration to the BT Wholesale network is no longer happening. All connections will remain in the current LLU network until you migrate them away, keeping in mind the final date 28th February 2014.

You will not need to use ‘Box’ or follow any of the procedures detailed in the previous communications.

How can I get further assistance?

•O2 Wholesale support is operating as normal
•The level 3, provisioning and cancellation teams will be able to help you and have been fully briefed on these changes.
•If you need further assistance you can contact the O2 Wholesale Operations Team (

Moving to a new service provider

This will be the same BAU procedure you currently use for any cancellations.
In each case you will receive a MAC code which you can use when moving to your new service provider.

You can get MAC codes via the portal, API or via bulk requests. If you have any questions please email the cancellations team (

Remember: requesting a MAC or cancelling the PSTN will not immediately cancel the broadband service and billing, you must officially request cancellation via

IP addresses

Any static IP connections you have will need to change IP address when moving away. This is because the IP block is registered with O2 and cannot be migrated to another service provider.


On the O2 Wholesale network, routers are configured to operate using IPoE encapsulation. You will need to check with your new service provider if your router will be compatible or need a firmware upgrade.

What are the timelines?

On the 14th November 2013 you will not be able to place anymore orders with O2 Wholesale.

Between 14th November 2013 and 28th February 2014 you will be migrating your connections away.

On 28th February 2014, all services will cease and you will no longer have this service available to you.

We will be issuing a formal termination letter which officially confirms the termination of the service on the 28th of Feb, this will be organised to be sent out to partners in the next few weeks.”

Concerns have already been raised regarding costs involved with the migration. A reseller that wished to remain anonymous told Comms Business “If anyone connects to a device remotely on an ADSL they will have change their records and configs or firewalls and routers, things like tunnels or remote workers will be effected.

More importantly IP services and SIP services now register with username and password and IP address for extra security, so all adsl’s being used for voice will need re configuring with the carriers tech team assistance. If you estimate £30 per adsl to migrate and an engineers visit £60 each, if doing 5 per day its going to cost us a lot of money for a modest 150 circuits!”

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