O2 moves into fixed line with BT Wholesale deal

O2 has announced a major new strategic deal with BT, which will see the mobile company entering into the fixed line business.

O2 has teamed with BT Wholesale to create ‘Joined Up’, its new communications service offering for businesses that will see the company diversifying out form mobile, and into fixed line telephony, broadband and consultancy.

Over the term of the five year agreement, O2 said it will help customers avoid the high costs of fixed communication implementations by offering an end to end service in conjunction with BT Wholesale. While O2 will offer customers broadband and fixed line services under its own brand, the services will be supported by BT Whole sale that will also operate an order portal and service centre for orders made by the O2 team.

Last week Vodafone announced a similar deal with BT Wholesale for hosted fixed line services as part of its Vodafone One Net unified comms package. However, O2 claimed its deal with BT Wholesale was more comprehensive than Vodafone’s as, it said, Joined Up is broader and includes services such as FMC.

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