Oak Scores 100% – Again!

For two full days during May, Oak Telecom underwent a rigorous quality assessment from the National Quality Assurance organisation. The assessor examined the Oak Quality Management System in great depth to confirm that we are working to the International Quality Standard ISO9001:2008.

During the assessment various company departments were examined and staff members were tested to confirm compliance. A great deal of time was spent in showing that the company had applied a policy of continual improvement since the last visit in 2010. We were able to demonstrate that by following our QMS and conducting strong internal audits, we were indeed bang on target to meet our own objectives and the requirements of the standard.

The assessor commented on the very high levels of training that had been carried out for both new and existing staff members. He also noted that every department exhibited high levels of Customer care and mentioned that our record keeping is of a very high standard.

After the completion of an 11 page report he indicated that this was a 100% pass and finished by stating:

“The company are seen to be maintaining a high level of Quality Culture throughout their business areas. Their Quality Management System continues to be successfully implemented at all levels and is seen to be balanced, cohesive and a credit to all those involved in its implementation and management. Continual improvement is evident at all key business processes”

A spokesperson for Oak Telecom said, “A big thank you to all of our staff members for their contribution to this outstanding result.”

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