Ofcom Closes Investigation into Bulldog Communications

An investigation in to LLU un-bundler Bulldog which began in August has just been closed by the regulator. The case was opened after complaints from end users in to whether Bulldog was complying with the requirement not to issue bills to customers for services which have not been provided, and with its Code of Practice for handling complaints.

Bulldog, owned by Cable & Wireless, will give one month’s free line rental to people signed up for its voice and internet service in July. Other customers will get individual compensation. Bulldog will also provide Ofcom with customer service reports for the next six months. Bulldog’s chief executive Emanuele Angelidis said: “We regret the customer support issues that occurred during summer 2005, which have been addressed.”

Gladys Elia for ADSL provider told Comms Business Magazine, “Bulldog welcomes OFCOM’s decision to close the investigation. We appreciate OFCOM’s efforts to conduct the review in such a rigorous, robust and thorough manner and to have reached its decision to close the investigation in a relatively short timescale.

“We were also pleased to have the opportunity to work closely and very openly with OFCOM during the investigation, which allowed us to demonstrate the continuous improvements we are achieving in key customer facing areas.

“We regret the customer support issues that occurred during summer 2005, which have been addressed. We have implemented a wide range of measures to ensure that we are now able to deliver and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Today’s announcement will give many more customers the confidence to benefit from Bulldog’s outstanding and innovative proposition.”

Bulldog, which now employs some 800 staff – up from 50 at the start of 2005, has now unbundled over 400 BT exchanges in a program that is set to provide services to more than 30% of UK residences.

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