Ofcom Report Highlights Decrease in Fixed Line Revenues

Ofcom has today published its Telecommunications Market Data Update for the third calendar quarter of 2007 (July to September).

The main highlights are:

Fixed Line:

In the twelve months to September 2007 fixed voice call volumes decreased by 12% while mobile call volumes grew by 20% during the same period indicating that the substitution of fixed calls by mobile calls continues.

Total fixed voice revenue (including access charges and excluding non-geographic voice revenues) was unchanged during the period, despite a small increase in call revenues.

Including CPS (carrier pre-selection) and direct access (including cable), more than 50% of lines were taking call services from an operator other than BT at the end of September 2007.

BT’s share of voice call volumes (excluding voice calls to non-geographic fixed numbers) was unchanged at 47% in the period.


By the end of September 2007 there were an estimated 17.5 million internet subscriptions in the UK (excluding corporate connections).

Of this total 15.0 million (85%) were broadband.


Total mobile revenue increased by an average of 5% across the four mobile operators during Q3 2007, driven by growth in revenue from calls and other charges.

Growth in the number of active mobile subscriptions, largely driven by individuals’ use of multiple handsets or multiple SIMs, continued during Q3 2007, averaging 1.5% growth over the three month period.

Larger volumes of bundled SMS and greater usage of MMS are driving growth in messaging with volumes growing by 5% in the three month period ending September 2007.

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