Olive Install One Net at Belle Vue

Belle Vue Girls Specialist Academy has deployed a unified telephony business communications solution, designed and installed by Olive Communications with Vodafone One Net solution at its core.

The Olive Vodafone One Net solution, installed in February 2015 over just three days, now means that the Academy has a unified, scalable and converged fixed/mobile communications solution connecting its fixed line and mobile users.

Previously the Academy had a communications system that was unable to allow the staff to teach and mentor pupils to the best of their ability. The simplest of features such as voicemail and call transfers were unavailable and as the Academy grew both in size and success the infrastructure of the organisation was put under unnecessary strain.

The One Net solution provided by Olive is connected to Vodafone’s data network via a high-speed broadband link and not only meets, but exceeds the communications needs of the Academy’s 92 fixed and mobile users. In the unlikely event of a network failure, disaster recovery is automatic as calls are routed to fixed lines with allocated routing defined during the design of the solution.

“The academy prides itself in excelling in every aspect of its operation and I was impressed in the way Olive matched that ambition. Olive took the time to work closely with me and quickly understood the Academy’s short and long term communications needs. Its consultative approach enabled Olive to demonstrate a cost effective and clear pathway as to how it could design a unified cloud-based communications solution, based around Vodafone One Net, to overcome the challenges I was facing. Olive gave me complete confidence that it could deliver what it promised at the same time as importantly reducing capital expenditure,” explained Ashley Reed, the Academy’s Head of Finance and Facilities.

“The implementation of the Olive Vodafone One Net solution was very pain free. The telephony services we received were matched to the set delivery dates. We had no difficulties whatsoever and experienced no downtime,” said Mary Copeland, the Academy’s Head Teacher. “The big plus for us has been the ability to easily transfer calls from our fixed line desk phones straight to our mobiles. The fact that our admin and teaching staff are now ‘always connected’ has proved very, very successful.”

Martin Flick (pictured), Olive’s Chief Executive, commented on the agreement: “Olive’s Vodafone One Net service has proved a reliable, flexible fix for Belle Vue Academy’s historical telephone issues. Implementing a seamless fixed-line and mobile solution that exceeds their requirements has saved the Academy approximately £25,000 per year. By having Vodafone One Net, Olive is able to deliver tangible benefits to businesses across all sectors.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine