Olive Wins Global Coty Deal

Olive Communications has signed a partnership deal with global beauty manufacturer Coty, which will see the High Wycombe-based Managed Communications Provider handle all integrated communications for Coty globally.

With international traffic accounting for 60% of all voice and data used by Coty’s workforce, both on fixed line and mobile devices, Olive has been chosen to implement a bespoke package that expertly manages Coty’s domestic and international communications requirements in the UK and abroad.

The Olive managed solution will optimise domestic charging across UK fixed and mobile services with Vodafone, with the added benefit of predictable roaming communications when UK employees operate abroad, ensuring Coty employees do not incur unpredictable roaming charges, whilst at the same time allowing their permanent internationally-based staff to have a local number and not experience bill shock when travelling back to the UK.

Olive, through their billing management portal (OBM), will be able to proactively manage expenditure when Coty’s workforce operates in the UK, splitting their integrated communications between their UK network and Truphone.

Without properly managing mobile communications, costs can spiral out of control for many companies. Olive’s ability to identify the correct user profile for the best network and tariffing, utilising Olive’s Billing Manager facility, allows them to identify where each Coty employee is operating, on what device, and the voice and data package they are using, allowing Coty to optimise the usage on the overall account. Olive will regularly review the analysis trends and user behaviour, allowing Coty to forward budget and minimise unpredictable expenditure.

Elisenda Gelpi from Coty’s World Wide Procurement department, said: “Olive has managed to resolve an ongoing headache for us of ever-burgeoning mobile phone bills normally caused by inflated call costs, when our colleagues travel abroad. Thanks to Olive and its Billing Manager facility, we are now in total control of our communication costs. We are now certain we will always be getting the best deal, whether our colleagues are working in the UK or abroad,” she said.

Martin Flick, Olive’s Chief Executive, commented on the agreement: “Coty’s requirement is not unique but does require management of a hybrid solution to achieve maximum value. We are looking forward to working alongside them and our strategic partners to offer a bespoke integrated communications solution for both their UK and European workforce. Our bespoke approach, combining technical expertise and business consultancy, makes us an incredibly differentiated and attractive alternative to commodity based providers.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine