On-Communications Announces Plans to Build a Channel Business

On-Communications has officially announced plans to develop a channel business for its Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) guaranteed bandwidth, symmetrical broadband service.

The company says that with a combination of cost advantages over leased lines and performance advantages over DSL based services, On-Communications’ FWA service will be attractive to IT solution providers, VoIP resellers and organisations delivering hosted applications. As a channel business, On-Communications will offer three levels of engagement for wholesale partners, resellers, and referral partners.

On-Communications adds that their FWA service provides a more cost effective alternative to traditional leased lines, but also has the additional flexibility of supporting ‘burst’ bandwidth usage. This allows businesses to access additional bandwidth, up to twice their contracted speed, at no extra charge during peak periods*.

As the new service is delivered using wireless technology it can be rapidly installed, normally in less than 15 days, comparing favourably to the typical 60-90 days for a leased line. The service also helps the environment because there is no need to dig up a road to lay cables.

Connections from On-Communications offer higher speeds than can be delivered using SDSL or cable based broadband solutions and, unlike most SDSL based connections which are contended, connections from On-Communications provide guaranteed bandwidth. As such, On-Communications customers do not ever share their contracted bandwidth with other customers, and can therefore plan properly for value added services such as VoIP.

The high performance of the guaranteed bandwidth service is further supported by a robust service level agreement (SLA) that covers such parameters as up-time and latency. Plus, as standard, speeds of 1Mb to 10Mb are provided, but bespoke solutions at 100Mb and even 1Gb are possible. The symmetrical nature of the service ensures that the same bandwidth for both down loading and up loading to the internet is always available.

Andrew Saunders, Marketing Manager at On-Communications, commented: “Our service has demonstrated considerable success in a range of applications with both private and public sector clients, proving ideal for demanding business applications such as virtual private network (VPN) support, VoIP solutions, IP Telephony applications and hosted applications in general. However, we are about to migrate our service delivery technology to WiMAX, which will add additional Quality of Service and intelligent traffic management features that will be of major benefit to VoIP and IP Telephony deployments.”

Geoff Scott, On-Communications’ Channel Manager, added: “Yes, we have a connectivity solution that will add real value to IT and VoIP solutions. However, On-Communications has real value to add as a partner. As an organisation we have the drive to deliver a really strong partner programme to build long term relationships but more importantly we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that programme is a success. We recognise the need to be consistent with our channel programme, whilst at the same time being flexible and responsive to the needs of partners. That is why we have a range of options for supporting channel partners: from a complete white label wholesale arrangement, reseller options through to simple referral agreements that allow partners solutions to easily benefit from our connectivity and earn a commission.”

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