On-Communications Offers Guaranteed 10Mb Symmetrical Wireless Broadband Service

On-Communications, the UK Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) provider, is now offering a guaranteed 10MB symmetrical bandwidth, available immediately across its entire network.

The new service offers higher speeds than can be delivered using SDSL or cable based broadband solutions and, unlike most SDSL based connections, the service is totally “uncontended”. As such, On-Communications customers will always have access to their contracted bandwidth – whatever the time of day and no matter how busy other businesses are.

The symmetrical bandwidth, offering the same 10Mb speed for both down loading and up loading to the internet, is supported by a robust service level agreement and is ideal for demanding business applications such as VoIP, hosting applications, and virtual private network (VPN) support.

On-Communications 10Mb FWA service provides a more cost effective alternative to traditional leased lines, but also has the additional flexibility of supporting “burst” bandwidth usage. This allows businesses to access additional bandwidth, up to twice their contracted speed, at no extra charge during peak periods*. As the new service is delivered using wireless technology it can be rapidly installed, normally in less than 15 days, comparing favourably to the typical 60-90 days for a leased line. The service also helps the environment because there is no need to dig up a road to lay cables.

Ian Roberts, Chief Executive Officer, On-Communications said: “We have introduced this new 10Mb service in response to customer and market demand. Faster and more symmetrical broadband is exactly what is required by UK plc and FWA is ideal solution. The symmetrical nature of On-Communications’ services is the edge that FWA has over DSL type technologies, delivering a genuinely cost effective resilient data connection.”

In conjunction with the 10Mb service, a new 6Mb service has also been introduced, complementing the existing standard services at 1Mb, 2Mb, 4Mb and 8Mb. In addition to these standard services, bespoke engineered solutions of up to 100Mb and 1Gb continue to be available.

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