One handset, One number, One network

Voicenet Solutions, the hosted VoIP provider, today announced the launch of VNi Mobile saying it is the first business grade Fixed Mobile Convergence solution for the UK. This solution will enable users to make and receive business calls on their mobile, anywhere in the country, over their business’s VoIP network which will significantly reduce costs.

This, add Voicenet, is supported by recent research by Analysis which states that companies are spending 80% of their telecom bills on mobile services and a quality FMC solution could save businesses 30% on calls.

VNi Mobile works by using VoIP compatible GSM Nokia handsets (E61 and E65) via WiFi access points over a VoIP network – all supplied by Voicenet Solutions. Calls will be guaranteed within workspaces as each site will have built-in QoS facilities. The dual Nokia handset can be used instead of the desk phone and every handset will offer the PPM features available on the Voicenet Solutions platform such as click to call, forward transfer etc.

“The technology has been around for a couple of years, but to my knowledge we are the first providers to offer an end-to-end fixed mobile convergence solution capable of making and receiving business grade calls via a hosted VoIP network on a mobile phone”, said David Crombie, CEO Voicenet Solutions.

“Any business user with a mobile phone can benefit. It offers substantial savings on mobile calls with greater connectivity and communication for the entire workforce. It could shape the way we use office telephony for years to come. We’ve estimated that for an employee to have VNi Mobile would cost no more than a normal seat charge and the cost of the wireless access point could be a rapid return of investment”, added Crombie

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