One in ten enterprises to go for hybrid SaaS security in 2010

Optenet, a provider of SaaS offerings and delivering on-premise security solutions, has revealed its 2010 predictions for the IT security landscape, as enterprises continue to search for trusted technologies with lower total cost of ownership.

Network providers face pressure to comply with customer-centric security and Governments are expected to protect vulnerable groups such as children and young people. There has been an increasing adoption of security tools in the cloud by SMEs. However, most large enterprises are still cautious about taking advantage of technologies based ‘in the cloud’, due to concerns over limited internal control of data, administration and ultimately, security.

“At Optenet, we are expecting 10% of enterprises to deploy a hybrid security SaaS model in the next 12 months,” said Francisco Abreu Martin, Optenet’s president and CEO. “The advantages of a solution that is both in the cloud, yet managed on site and internally, are clear. It allows enterprises to keep their core corporate information on-site whilst exploring the cost savings and expertise SaaS providers can offer.

“The hybrid model is the ideal stepping stone for enterprises, which may worry about losing control or bumpy transition from initially putting everything in the cloud.”

Additionally, Optenet currently works with more than 75 major internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide, and is predicting both ISPs and mobile operators to be under even more pressure to provide a secured network to their enterprise and residential customers.

“A growing number of devices are connected to the Internet, both in the workplace and at home. Desktop computers, laptops and mobile phones are often connected to corporate networks, and even games consoles at home are fighting for network access,” continued Martin.

“We’ve seen more ISPs and mobile operators finding it increasingly essential to provide an all-inclusive security package to their customers, and we are expecting this trend to grow further in 2010. For example, the UKE Certificate Project in Poland that aims at encouraging telecommunications operators to ensure safety for telecommunications services users, is a perfect role model and we expect to see more similar legislation-driven initiatives in the coming year.”

Furthermore, the way that the Internet continues to accelerate in the workplace, at schools and at home, security is needed to keep children and young people from harmful content online. Optenet warns that current and emerging threats to minors is rapidly moving to social networks, as they do not provide adequate protection.

“Current protection on social network websites is very limited, and more research on this topic is urgently needed to ensure the safety of our children online. It is essential for Governments to start taking responsibility and working closely with network providers and security experts, to implement parental control within the education sector on a national level. In addition, legislation must be put in place imminently to help move things forward effectively.”

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