OneAccess Launches Visibility & Control as-a-Service

OneAccess Networks today announced the launch of its OnePLUS Visibility and Control software solutions: NetControl, NetAPM and OneAPM.

The need to ensure consistent application performance is higher than ever before, with requirements to react rapidly to changing behaviours in the network an imperative. Using a combination of NetControl, NetAPM and OneAPM, OneAccess enables Telcos to remotely troubleshoot issues at their customer sites, reap the benefits of an extra revenue stream, and enable IT managers to assure a consistent service for critical applications by identifying network misuse, isolating bottlenecks and planning capacity based on real-time data.

The OnePLUS Visibility and Control solution consists of a software solution integrated into the CPE that combines powerful application performance monitoring (NetAPM) with traffic management (NetControl), and OneAPM, a management and reporting server. From this base, the OnePLUS solution is able to bridge the gap between network and application performance. For Telcos operating in a crowded and competitive marketplace, the OnePLUS technology provides a major service differentiator and Cloud-enablement platform for all types of business environment. As a cost-effective alternative to existing expensive WAN optimization appliances, it effectively addresses the capacity and budget limitations of SMEs and large multi-site installations.

For service providers, these new solutions enable them to increase customer loyalty, protect revenues and build platforms for innovation by placing Quality of Experience (QoE) at the heart of their offerings. They can also harness the power of their networks to offer businesses a superior communications experience.

Pravin Mirchandani, Chief Marketing Officer at OneAccess, explains, “At a high level, OnePLUS aims at improving QoE for users using business-critical applications. At the Telco level, our visibility and control solution enable service providers to significantly improve the customer experience for their services, as well as generate extra revenues from a service that can simply be added to the router as a software update. For SMEs who cannot afford existing WAN optimization technology platforms, this will be ideal, giving them the visibility and control they desire at a fraction of the cost.”

“Our approach is fundamentally different to that of other WAN optimization vendors, in that we are adding value to the existing managed VPN service”, continues Pravin. “By partnering with telecom providers, we can deliver the complete solution, providing them with important market differentiation, lower total cost of ownership, with a multi-tenant system that flexibly integrates with their IT systems.”

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