Online Security Not Taken Seriously says Sophos

Sophos has announced its involvement in the UK Government’s National Cyber Security initiative ‘Cyber Streetwise’, aimed at changing attitudes to online security among consumers and small businesses. According to Government research released recently, half of UK SMEs are not getting the cyber security basics right, leaving them, and potentially their customers, vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The research, which questioned UK SMEs about their online security habits, revealed that a surprisingly low number of companies: regularly monitor their IT systems for breaches (46 per cent); regularly use complex access passwords (58 per cent); restrict access to IT networks (48 per cent) or control the use of USB storage devices (46 per cent).

To help SMEs improve their cyber security, Cyber Streetwise is providing impartial advice and tips on how to make simple but effective changes to improve online security and safeguard online reputations.

James Lyne, Global Head of Security Research, Sophos, said: “SMEs make up the vast majority of UK companies, as well as our own customer base. Sophos has partnered with Government to support Cyber Streetwise because we believe it’s imperative for businesses to take action to protect themselves online.”

“Consumers and SMEs are both finding new ways to interact online, including via a greater range of devices, but with this enhanced technology comes risk. SophosLabs finds over 30,000 new infected websites distributing malware every day and, contrary to popular belief, the majority – around 80% – are legitimate small business websites that have been hacked. It’s therefore vital that small businesses get the basics of security right – from installing antivirus to regularly updating and patching software, using complex passwords and protecting data.”

James Lyne continued: “SMEs who don’t put basic security measures in place are leaving themselves exposed to attackers capable of silently installing malicious code on their systems without permission. We are proud to have been asked to support and to provide content for Cyber Streetwise, which will play a vital role in in encouraging businesses and consumers to adopt safer behaviours online and to take the fight to cyber criminals by improving their online security.”

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