Open Ports the Gateway to Riches

Fraud accounts for 2% of calls worldwide or $20 billion a year and main issue with Fraud is its always someone else’s fault, the end user blames the telecoms reseller for not securing the telephony system, the telecoms reseller blames the IT company for not securing the network, and the blame game continues.

Voiceflex fraud application is already immense, from a platform prospective, we check a myriad of combinations between IP address, destinations dialled, length of calls, frequency of calls and more, in most instances we close down fraud at the onset before a successful call is made. We back this up with our Fraud alerting and Fraud suspension for any compromised systems that slip through the net.

Just because the SIP trunks are closed down due to fraudulent activity doesn’t always mean the fraud stops. If you have ISDN circuits connected calls can still be made if the router and/or telephony system has been comprised.

Voiceflex have launched an additional fraud prevention tool. The onsite router is the front door to the world, if the door is left open criminals can walk straight in and then hack the telephone system password (any password can be hacked it’s a matter of time).

For every new SIP or Hosted connection to our network we carry out an open port analysis test, if ports have been left open we advise the channel partner of the risk of the leaving the ports open, this service is free of charge.

If you the our channel partner are not in charge of the IT network you can then advise your customer of the potential risk, the blame game is then over before it has begun. Small application big game changer!!

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine
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