Open Rights Group Slams Digital Economy Bill

Guest blogging on Entanet’s opinion website, Jim Killock, the Executive Director of the Open Rights Group, has outlined why he believes the Digital Economy Bill is fundamentally flawed and advises readers on what they can do to change it. In the article, he states: “The Digital Economy Bill is bad. But exactly how bad, and for who, is only now being properly debated. Those following the Bill closely have known for some time that unacceptable shortcuts are being proposed to detect people accused of illicit file sharing.”

Jim continues to explain the effect the bill will have on households, businesses and community facilities, such as libraries and schools, adding: “If the Digital Economy Bill is passed into law in its current form, any business that offers Internet access to customers could be held liable for their customers’ online actions. Even if the business could identify who had downloaded illicit content, this would not be enough. The strict liability the Bill creates simply makes the account holder liable for everyone’s potential copyright infringement.”

He encourages readers to fight the bill by contacting their MPs. “We need to stop this, before it starts damaging the real digital economy, and undermines respect for the law.”

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