OpenCloud provides operators real time charging solution

OpenCloud, the supplier of real time application server software for next generation convergent telecommunications services, has announced that it has extended the use of its JAIN SLEE engine, Rhino, to real time charging environments.

OpenCloud now enables operators to embrace the flexibility offered by emerging online solutions from the IT vendor community, whilst meeting the need for real time revenue assurance.

In recent benchmarking tests conducted at HP’s labs in Cupertino, Rhino handled the equivalent to peak traffic generated by 40 million subscribers while latency levels measured at the ninety fifth percentile were at an incredible one quarter of the 35 millisecond test target. The same set of tests proved Rhino’s capability to handle charging requests from 86 million subscribers whilst still falling inside maximum permissible latency targets, this being achieved with a footprint of 10 HP Proliant C7000 machines.

Further evidence can be seen in the recent successful deployment by Indonesian GSM operator Telkomsel of OpenCloud’s Rhino server. This is the world’s largest JAIN SLEE implementation and supports thousands of transactions per second. Rhino processes and verifies charges in real-time for event-based and session-based services, irrespective of the location of any of the 67 million subscribers within Indonesia, which has a geographical area comparable to whole of Europe.

Jeff Gordon, CEO at OpenCloud, commented: “The exceptionally low latency levels alone are a fantastic achievement, and we are delighted to demonstrate Rhino’s capabilities within a real time charging environment. The results prove that our platform can meet the throughput and performance demands of the largest Tier One operators in the world, with minimal hardware OPEX and CAPEX costs, such as with our recent Telkomsel deployment. By creating the appropriate Resource Adaptors, we’ve enabled JAIN SLEE to break out of its mould and can no longer just be considered as the standard for next generation Intelligent Network.”

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